Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blog Up and Running!

So I finally got my blog up and running! Here you can follow my Zbrush Brush progess! I will also be posting work in progress from my portfolio and possibly some ramblings. So who knows! If you want to know first about any of my brushes subscribe to my RSS or you can check any of the forums posted on my website. I always update them immediately when I post new brushes. Currently I am in the process of making some really awesome clothing brushes such as; seems, stitches, stitch holes, buttons, zippers, etc... So look for these soon. I will also be making some premium brushes that will be for purchase, but I am telling you now, they will totally be worth it. I will include the source files with the premium brushes. I will continue to make freebies, so no worries there :) I love giving to the community. I think that's what keeps us going and growing! Share the knowledge!


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